Wage Management

The All-in-One AI Powered Wage Management Solution

Wage Management

Next-Gen Wage Management:
AI-powered Job Analysis & Fair Pay

JobAnalytics EVA PRO simplifies wage management for businesses of all sizes.

This all-in-one solution streamlines job analyses, descriptions, evaluations, and ensures fair wage structures. It integrates seamlessly with popular HR and payroll systems for a fast setup.

Boost employee loyalty, optimize job analysis and wage management processes and achieve faster workflows with increased productivity – all powered by JobAnalytics EVA PRO, the all-in-one AI Powered Wage Management System.

wage management

Boost Efficiency & Fairness:
A Look Inside JobAnalytics EVA PRO Features

  • Job Evaluation:
    • Entire process of assessing the worth and value of a position within an organization.
  • Job Analysis:
    • The process that involves gathering information about the duties, responsibilities, skills, and knowledge required for the position.
  • Job Rating:
    • The process where different jobs are compared and ranked based on their complexity, importance, and required skills.
  • Wage Analysis: 
    • the process of researching and analyzing salary data to determine a fair and competitive wage for a specific job position within a company.
  • Wage Increase Simulations:
    • A powerful tool to forecast the potential impacts of implementing salary adjustments for their employees.
  • 360 Degree Wage Management:
    • The systematic process of setting, administering, and reviewing employee compensation. It ensures that employees are paid fairly and competitively, while aligning compensation with company goals and budget.

Revolutionize Compensation Management with JobAnalytics EVA PRO

Drawing on the power of AI-driven job analysis and market data, JobAnalytics EVA PRO propels organizations towards a future of efficient, data-backed compensation management. This comprehensive solution empowers HR teams to tackle a wide range of scenarios:

  • Effortless Adaptability: Respond with agility to organizational changes. JobAnalytics EVA PRO streamlines adjustments to compensation structures when job duties, responsibilities, or company hierarchies evolve.
  • Data-Driven New Job Creation: Establish fair and competitive wage levels for newly created positions, ensuring you attract and retain top talent from the outset.
  • Streamlined Job Restructuring: Accurately assess the impact of job combinations or separations on compensation with JobAnalytics EVA PRO’s robust job analysis tools. Ensure everyone is compensated fairly through efficient restructuring processes.
  • Motivating Job Enrichment: Evaluate the value of enriched roles and adjust compensation accordingly. This fosters employee motivation and satisfaction, promoting a culture of growth within your organization.


JobAnalytics EVA PRO goes beyond streamlining core processes.

It empowers organizations to:

  • Reward High Performance: Identify top-performing employees and reward their achievements with promotions accompanied by appropriate compensation adjustments.
  • Optimize Temporary Assignments: Manage temporary roles with confidence. JobAnalytics EVA PRO helps you determine the appropriate compensation level for various skillsets and project demands.
  • Cost-Effective Project Management: Ensure effective project costing by factoring in accurate compensation data for assigned personnel. Make informed decisions and optimize project budgets.


Embrace a Holistic Approach to Talent Management:

JobAnalytics EVA PRO seamlessly integrates with other HR functions, fostering a holistic approach to talent development:

  • Reward & Recognition: Align compensation adjustments with performance evaluations to incentivize and motivate employees. Create a culture of excellence with data-driven recognition.
  • Performance Management: Set objective performance goals and tie them directly to compensation outcomes. This transparency promotes trust and motivates employees to achieve their full potential.
  • Career Planning: Help employees navigate career progression paths with clear compensation expectations for different roles. Equip your workforce with the knowledge they need to make informed career decisions.


Navigating Special Situations & Crisis Periods:

JobAnalytics EVA PRO empowers you to adapt your compensation strategies swiftly and fairly in times of rapid change or economic hardship.

  • Agile Response to Job Redefinition: Quickly adjust wage structures in response to rapidly evolving job requirements during crisis periods. Ensure your compensation strategy reflects the dynamic business landscape.
  • Maintaining Transparency: Maintain clear communication with employees about compensation decisions through data-driven justification. Foster trust and understanding during challenging times.


JobAnalytics EVA PRO is more than just a compensation management system. It’s a powerful tool that enables organizations to create a dynamic and adaptable HR strategy. Promote fairness, optimize costs, and empower HR teams to make data-driven decisions for a thriving workforce.


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